Christina Chaplin photo

Christina Chaplin

Assistant Ombudsman Director at ESGR/Ombudsman/Area Chair

Employer support of the Guard and Reserve



austin, Texas - United States


Government Relations


Possess “big picture” thinking and decisive leadership strengths; able to develop company strategy that meets business needs and integrate and implement major infrastructure programs. Increasing company capability leading to increased productivity. Experience with large corporations. Proven ability to work with CEO and senior management team to integrate function within the business, led restructuring of organization without compromising quality or productivity. Award winning communications professional recognized for business, coordination, supervising and administrative knowledge and strong commitment to maintaining high levels of operational improvements. Probably one of my best qualities is translating, and I don't mean another language. I mean translating business talk, tech speak, and medical language into everyday speak that anyone can understand. I can take a long drawn out technical explanation and boil it down to a sentence or two that you and I can understand. I've always been able to simplify matters and working in editorial helped a lot. Specialties: Communications, Public Relations, Production, Event Planning, Contract negotiations, Coordination, Mediation, Administration.